What are Chamber Bucks?

The Flora Chamber of Commerce “Chamber Bucks” are the Chambers way to promote shopping local and supporting our local retailers, restaurants, and service companies. Chamber Bucks are available for purchase at the Chamber office, in denominations of $10 each. Chamber Bucks are a great gift idea for all your special occasion needs!

  • Use the entire amount of the Chamber Buck, no change will be given back

Where to Use Chamber Bucks

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Chamber Bucks expire?
No, but we do hope you use them as soon as possible!

Can I exchange Chamber Bucks for cash?
No. Chamber Bucks may be used at any participating Chamber member business, but they cannot be exchanged for cash. The full amount of the Chamber Bucks must be used to purchase goods or services. No change will be given.


I am a Chamber member business. What do I do when I receive Chamber Bucks?
If you are a member who receives Chamber Bucks, just bring them into the Chamber office during regular business hours and we will write you a check for the full amount of the Chamber Bucks.